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Description of the application

This is a free, experimental and even fully open source software.

How it works

After the installation you will have a new icon in the menu, to start the program. Once started, the program will display the main menu where the user can select a flight plan then, starting the navigation, the program will process data from the integrated GPS receiver. The HSI will give visual indications to the next way point until the final destination is reached.


This software is open source and free: it comes without any warranty. This is an experimental project. During a flight this program must not be used as the only navigation system.


HSI stands for: Horizontal Situation Indicator, it is a very intuitive way to represent our position, direction and altitude respect what we planned in our route. To learn more about HSI:

What it does

What it does not

Main menu

The program just started will display its main menu, that is formed by buttons. When a button is disabled the text inside is displayed in italics. Those are buttons currently available:

Load flight plan

Allows to select and load the desired flight plan between the GPX files present in the Routes folder. If there aren't GPX files in the Routes folder this button will be not active. If pressed when a route is already loaded, the loaded route will be automatically unloaded when loading a new one.

Start navigation

Active only if a flight plan has been loaded and the navigation has been not yet started. Instructs the HSI to start to give indications to reach the next waypoint. When pressed the HSI screen is than displayed.

Reverse flight plan

Active only if a flight plan has been loaded. Allows to reverse the current flight plan. After reversing the navigation has to be restarted with the previous button.

Unload flight plan

Active only if a flight plan has been loaded. It unloads the current loaded route.

Show HSI

Shows the HSI screen, where more or less information’s will be displayed depending if a route has been loaded and if it has been started. A single touch anywhere in the HSI screen brings back the application to the main menu.

Start Track Recorder - Stop Track Recorder

Pressing start a new track file is created (in the Tracks folder) and the application will start to record in it. Pressing stop the application will stop recording and the track file will be closed.

Pause Track Recorder - Resume Track Recorder

Active only if the track recorder has been started. Without closing the track file, allows to suspend and resume the registration of the current track.


Takes care of releasing all the used memory and terminate the application. If the application is installed as normal distribution, together with the TomTom software this button will bring back to the original TomTom navigation software. Otherwise if the application is installed as standalone distribution this button after terminating the application will switch off the TomTom device.

The HSI screen

Here a photo of my TomTom One XL running AirNavigator with some example data on the screen. All the data displayed as numbers should be rendered in a more intuitive way such as bars and gauges in the future versions.

Demo screen shot

On the left side, Horizontal Situation Indicator:

In the center, the altitude scale:

Right side:

Characteristics and additional features

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