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AirspaceConverter development

The common shared library

This software is designed to keep completely separated functionalities from the user interfaces.
All the reading, writing and conversion features are in a common shared library: libAirspaceConverter can be compiled under different platforms and so used from different user interfaces.

Git repository

The Git repository of this project is hosted on: GitHub.

Source code

Current master branch snapshot: master.zip


In order to be able to run AirspaceConverter under Linux you need the following libraries:

Placemarks icons credits

Maps Icons Collection Logo

Some of the placemark icons used for displaying the waypoints in Google Earth included in the produced KMZ file (and so used by this project) are coming from: Maps Icons Collection
The folder icons with the placemarks PNG icons must be kept in the same location of AirspaceConverter executable.



Special thanks to:

... and many others for reporting bugs, suggestions, ideas and testing.